Drug and alcohol rehabilitation
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Who do we help?

We offer treatment to people who are over 18 years of age and;

  • Have a problem with alcohol or drugs and would like to stop drinking or using.
  • Need detoxification and a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.
  • Have already stopped using alcohol and drugs but need ongoing counselling, support and help with relapse prevention.
  • Have attended a structured rehabilitation programme elsewhere and would like to participate in our extended care phase.

We offer free family seminars for those who live with or care about an adult with an addiction.

At Open Minds we believe that no one can live with the disease of Chemical Dependency without it changing them.

We have a strong commitment to helping families affected by addiction and deliver one day seminars in order to offer advice, support, education and inspiration to those trying to cope with somebody else's addiction.

Importantly, research shows then when the family starts to get help it can lead to the addict asking for help also.

If you would like to book a free place on one of our seminars, please contact us to speak confidentially to a member of our counselling team.